Women In Transition's Event History

February 2009: Women In Transition Hosted

"The African American Cocktail" A Black Tie Affair

April 2009: Women In Transition Hosted

"The Beauty and Health Expo"

May 2009: Women in Transition Hosted

"The First Annual Domestic Violence Walk"

Raising Awareness on Domestic Violence Issues

June 2009: Women in Transition Hosted

"Come Eat at the Master's Table"

August 2009: School Drive - Provided school clothing and supplies for children in need

November 2009: Thanksgiving - Food Drive - Provided food to families in need for the holiday

December 2009: Holiday Gift Drive - Provided toys and gifts to mothers in need


February 2010: Women In Transition Hosted:

"The Beauty & Self Esteem Ball"

A Gala celebrating the beauty of women

July 16, 2010: Women in Transition Hosted:

"The Mind, Body, Soul, & Spirit " An Empowerment Workshop"

With Naomi Jones, RN, MS, CRNI Certified Life Coach/ Motivational Speaker

August 10, 2010: Women in Transition Hosted:

"The Diamond in the Rough Gathering"

Women that survived hardship/ Helping women identify their inner qualities & beauty

August 13, 2010: Book Featuring our President & CEO Patricia McKinney

"Bruised But Not Broken" (at Amazon.com)

August 27, 2010: Women in Transition Hosted:

"From Brokenness to Wholeness"

Guest Speaker: CEO & President Princess Jenkins~The Brownstone Boutiques in Harlem,

NYAugust 2010: School Drive - Providing school clothing and suppliesfor children in need

September 2010: The II Annual "Domestic Violence Walk"Raising Awareness of Domestic Violence Issues

November 2010: Thanksgiving - Food Drive - Providing food to families in need for the holiday

December 2010: Holiday Gift Drive - Provided toys and gifts to mothers in need


September 2011: Women in Transition Hosted:Guest speakers

Princess Jenkins, Yolanda Stephens, Brenda Culpepper

November 2011: Women in Transition Hosted:"Where Beauty Meets Fashion" A Red Carpet Affair

November 2011: Thanksgiving - Food Drive - Providing food to families in need for the holiday

December 2011: Holiday Gift Drive - Provided toys and gifts to mothers in need


February 2012: Women in Transition Hosted"Entreprenuers & Visionaries Business to Business Mixer"Featuring our very own women in business, vendors, workshops & dinner


July 6, 2013: Women in Transition is breaking ground in New York City Charitable Event (We're spreading the love!)At the Time Square Bonanza

Charitable Event (We're spreading the love!)

At the Time Square Bonanza

From 9am-4pm


January 8, 2014: The Patricia McKinney Online Talk Show Launching Celebration!

November 22, 2014:  "Come Eat At The Masters Table"


April 24, 2015 "A Night of Beauty and Spirit" - Bronx, NY

August 8, 2015 "Womanhood" The Seminar

December 10, 2015 Ladies, Girls, & Pearls - A Night of Loyalty & Royalty (A Black Tie Affair)- Bronx, NY


January 23, 2016 An afternoon of Intimacy & Empowerment - Mt. Vernon, NY

March 11, 2016    An Evening of Class, Excellence, Motivation & Empowerment - Stamford, CT

May 20, 2016 -    Heavy D Day -  Mt. Vernon, NY

June 10, 2016 - "Table Talk - Ask Patricia on the Roof Top" - Stamford, CT

August 13, 2016 - The Truth Shall Set You Free - Empowerment Conference - Elmsford, NY

January 21, 2017 - Tracy Lynn Jewelry and Networking Party "Shop & Network - Stamford, CT

February 18, 2017 - The 3rd Annual Womanhood Seminar "The Conference - Elmsford, NY

April 22, 2017 - An Afternoon With Queens  - Stamford, CT

August 5, 2017 - Women Under Construction - "An Afternoon with Queens - Empowerment Seminar - Stamford, CT

December 15, 2017 - Open Mic Live! - Stamford, CT

January 20, 2018 - "The Mindset Reset Experience" with Life Coach Naomi Jones - Staten Island, NY

January 27, 2018 - "What's Trending" Youth and Young Adult Buzz Sessions - Stamford, CT

May 5, 2018 -           "What's Trending" Youth & Young Adult Buzz Session & Fashion Show - Columbus, Ohio

June 9, 2018 -          "Men Are Built For This" - An honorary for great men, fathers, husbands, and role models - Stamford, CT

August 11, 2018 -     "Sister's In Business Expo" Celebrating Entrepreneurial Women of Color - Columbia, South Carolina

September 8, 2018  "The Chosen Ones" Prophetic New Generation Conference - Columbia, South Carolina

January 11, 2019 -   Escaping The Belly of the Beast Book Release Party - University of Connecticut - Stamford, CT

January 26, 2019 -  Health & Wellness Seminar with Audra Blyther - Rock Hill, S. Carolina

March 16, 2019 -     11th Annual Womanhood Seminar - "Women of Courage Don't Be Discouraged"

May 28, 2019    -     Women's Lives Matter "The Rise of Broken Women" Empowerment Panel

September 7, 2019   Sistahs In Business Expo - Atlanta, Georgia

November 30, 2019 Young Queens Tea Party, Buzz Session & Fashion Show - Columbia, S. Carolina

February 29, 2020   Young Queens Glitz & Glam Runway Networking Session - Columbia S. Carolina

August 8, 2020         Grand Opening of the Women In Transition Center - Columbia S. Carolina

September 5-6, 2020  Young Queens " Pillow Talk" Private Event & Trip from Columbia, S. Carolina  - Charlotte, N. Carolina

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