The CEO and Founder, Patricia McKinney

Patricia D. McKinney
CEO & Founder

On September 29th 1965, Patricia Goff McKinney was born to  Mae Hellen Williams and Luther Douglas Goff, a young married couple and loving family that lived in Hartford, Connecticut.


By the age of 3 years old, Patricia and her family migrated to Norwalk, Connecticut after the death of her father.


The City of Norwalk introduced young Patricia to a whole new environment. Norwalk was the starting ground  for many of her life experiences that included many unforeseen life changing experiences and unexpected challenges.


At the tender age of 7, Patricia endured the trauma of being molested by her uncle. This life altering experience left internal scars that she would have to conquer later on in life. But like most girls Patricia was resilient. So, by the age of 13 she was like most teen girls that had her share of fun with friends and experiences with boys. 


Not long after  Patricia turned 13 years old,  she ran away to Bridgeport, Connecticut where she endured the trauma of being raped and beaten.

Because Patricia endured the merciless horror of  being raped and endured the experience of being molested as a child prior, she dealt with much internal turmoil that resulted in the indulgence of alcohol and marijuana.


By the age of 15, she  became pregnant with her first child. Nine months later, she gave birth to her daughter Nakina Qeyonna Goff.


A year later, Patricia was incarcerated for seven days as a result of theft.  Two years after her incarceration, her only child was taken away from her because of the lifestyle that she chose to live.


The myriad of traumatic experiences mixed with a hard knocked life,  introduced more bouts with trouble only to spiral into more dilemmas.



By the age of 17, Patricia had endured as much as that of a 30 year old woman.  The fast paced street life exposed Patricia to many things and she began to use heroin and crack cocaine. Due to the potency of the drugs, Patricia became chemically & physical dependent just to function on a daily basis.  The drugs were the catalyst that paved the way for a life of prostitution and crime.


By the time she reached the age of 20 years old, she was strung out on drugs with a fifteen bag a day heroin habit and she spent a large portion of her life in and out of jail.


In 1993, she was now 28 years old and her life began to take a turn for the better.  Patricia surrendered her life to the Lord, and accepted him as her personal Savior. 

Although she had a change of heart, she continued to struggle for a while and by 1994, she returned to jail only to  face an eight year prison sentence. 


Never the less, she found God’s grace and favor and was given a lighter sentence of

3 years (but only serving 10 months) in the Niantic Correctional Institution.

She was released in 1995 to the Mary Magdelene Halfway House in Bridgeport, Connecticut. 


After her release from Mary Magdelene, Patricia began to establish herself by working and she became a good, active part of the community in Bridgeport, Connecticut, while maintaining her sobriety. 


Patricia’s life came together again, and the broken places in her life started to mend. As she focused on her future, she lead a very productive life and it was during that time when she met her soul mate.


On November 9, 1997, both she and her soul mate Kelvin McKinney became one in marriage.  


Not long after their marriage, the young couple increased their family with two beautiful children, Kimberly and Kelvin Jr. 


By 2001, both Patricia and Kelvin rededicated their lives to the Lord and started attending Church. This is where they got a spiritual foundation and faithfully served the Lord. 


In 2006, they prayerfully branched out from attending church and ventured into their own ministry. The two  founded and established Manifested Glory Ministries.


In July 2008, Patricia founded Women in Transition, a 501c3 Private Foundation that was birthed from her passion to bring positive change in the lives of women from all cultures and walks of life. 


In 2009, she founded “The B.A.A.C.” The Black American Alliance Commission, a forum that educates minorities on their Civil Rights, Civil Liberties and Constitutional Laws.

Patricia continues to excel in her ventures to help others while maximizing the God given gifts that’s been given to her. 

Patricia is an advocate for healthy living. Until this day, Patricia continues to evolve and live a healthy lifestyle while helping others to tap into their fullest potential mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. In 2018, she started a health blog called Queens Health to wealth that promotes healthy living by eating a plant based diet.  (formerly the PMP weightloss program)

She is the talk show host of her own online Talk show called "The Queen McKinney Show and a former host of Blog talk Radio. 


Patricia is also a Licensed Champlain, Pastor, Spokeswoman, Mentor, Life Coach, Counselor, Spiritual Business Advisor, and Motivational Speaker  She appeared as a host on  several mainstream news and talk shows as well.  

Patricia expanded  her Private Foundation Women In Transition and  and founded    "A Teens Dream Wish Outreach" a platform used to provide a safe and nurturing environment  by which pre-teens/teens from all backgrounds  can develop positive relationships,  while being cultivated and empowered  to discover their fullest potential,  with the goal of becoming productive adults in society.

She is now an Author an Autobiography called "Escaping the Belly of the Beast" My story of survival, and has opened her new Women In Transition Center located in Columbia, South Carolina.

Truly Patricia’s life has been a miracle and she’s living proof that no matter what your life experiences have been, you can change through the power of God.


One thing that she will always remember is that The Most High God and His Holy Spirit saved her, set her free and delivered her, and her transformation is living proof.  Patricia continues to honor God daily for bringing her out of darkness into His marvelous light.


As of today, she has 26 years clean and sober. To God be the glory!

Miracles Do Happen

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