Our Vision & Mission

Women In Transition has a global vision to meet the needs of women within the 50 states in the U.S. and world wide.  We specialize in bringing change and transformation in the lives of women from every background, ethnicity, and walk of life. Our teaching methods consist of  life skills, social, developmental, and communication skills founded on biblical principles to start our women on the road to recovery.  Our foundation is geared toward  developing quality character and promoting change spiritually, mentally, socially, and inter-personally.


As  CEO and President of Women In Transition, I know first hand that if you can change the way a person thinks, than you can change their world.  In order to change the individual, it is imperative to get to the inner core and root issues as to why they've succumb to dysfunction in life, and start rebuilding where they've been torn down.   Our  program and workshops within the organization are a tool to promote inner/emotional healing, spiritual guidance,  positive personal conduct, morals and standards by applying biblical principles to everyday life, including setting healthy limits and boundaries. 


This program deals with the social issues effecting women daily, by providing tools to navigate through life's challenges while rebuilding the individual.  We work with women of all cultures, age groups, backgrounds and problematic situations such as the those with repeated history of incarceration, the physically/mentally abused, rape/molestation victims, drug addicts and addictive behaviors,those dealing with foster care issues, co-dependency, divorced, etc.


In this program we use services/workshops as a tool to cater to the women by teaching:


Life Skills

  • Self Esteem Building

  • Setting Healthy Boundaries

  • Breaking Negative Behavioral Patterns

  • Responsibility and Accountability

  • Effective Communication/Interpersonal Skills

  • Emotionally Recovery

  • Problem Solving  


Our organization also cater's to the physical needs of women and teens, which includes but is not limited to:


  • Clothing (by appointment only) also clothing for teens/gowns for Proms

My organization prides itself on witnessing positive results in the women that receive the support provided. By providing these social/interpersonal skills, the women have the opportunity to gain the skills needed for everyday life.


Women In Transition is also an outreach ministry that helps women in various communities by providing counseling, social skills, mentoring, clothing for women and children, school supplies, food, and we've also provided a safe haven by temporarily housing women in the past within our network and providing referrals for housing as well, and we look forward to a facility to house women temporarily in the future, with the goal of helping them obtain self sufficiency. This organization has hosted over 35 events free of charge for women of all cultures and walks of life, which includes Beauty and Self Esteem Ball, Formal Gala's, Health and Beauty Expo's, Business Mixers for aspiring entrepreneurs, workshops and classes  to empower women, and help them tap into their hidden potential.


We recognize the suffering and turmoil that women face not only here in the United States, but world wide. Many women are suffering in ways that are unimaginable to those that have their freedom, and the worst part is that they suffer in silence. Our Mission here at Women In Transition, is to help women "take their power back" and let them know that they are valuable in God's sight, and in society. We are here to raise awareness within women of their innate qualities, and help them to both recognize and maximize their God given potential. We at Women in Transition, want women to know that they don't have to live in despair, or in the grip of abuse and maltreatment.



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