A Teens Dream Wish Outreach Program

A Teens Dream Wish Outreach Program, founded by the CEO and Founder of Women In Transition, Patricia McKinney, is a youth outreach platform, that began its roots in the South Bronx, NY and expanded to Columbia, S. Carolina.  This  platform is geared toward our youth because they are the key to our future, and their educational, mental, and physical well being is imperative to obtaining a successful future.  

A Teens Dream Wish is used to provide a safe and nurturing passage by which pre-teens/teens from all backgrounds especially the inner city youth can develop positive relationships,  while being cultivated and empowered  to discover their fullest potential,  with the goal of becoming productive adults in society. 

This program provides a positive alternative and outlet to teens living in the inner city and underprivileged areas where negative elements plague their environment, posing a direct interference  to positive goals, and the inner initiative for  youth to succeed. This platform provides youth with the ability to use their own voice while attending teen talk round-table sessions, workshops, and life skills classes, geared for their age group while empowering and promoting excellence in mind, body, and spirit. It provides them with a safe haven that promotes a  healthy exchange among their peers as well as staff and adults, where their voices can be heard. 

ATDW also caters to the needs of the parents that may be experiencing economically challenges during prom season by provided them with the necessities needed for their teen to participate in this memorable event. 


 If you are interested in having your teen become a part of A Teen's Dream Wish Outreach Program contact Women In Transition at womenintran2010@aol.com

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